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US Wide Financial is one of a select group of lenders in the nation that is approved to offer the HomePath® Mortgage.

Are you looking for a property where only a small down payment is necessary? Do you want extra fast financing? HomePath┬« mortgages are the perfect solution. US Wide Financial is one of the few mortgage companies in the nation approved to offer HomePath® mortgages.

With the housing market collapse in 2009 banks were left with thousands of low priced homes that can take advantage of this program. Today is the best time to purchase your first home you never thought you could afford, or that rental property you have always wanted to make some extra cash each month. With a HomePath® mortgage these dreams become reality. Houses listed under HomePath® are both priced lower than average and are easier to obtain financing on them.

What is HomePath®?

HomePath® gives buyers the option of buying a FannieMae owned property at an affordable price. This program is great for first time home buyers and investors looking for a great deal. Along with the HomePath® mortgage option there is also another product called HomePath® renovation which allows home buyers and investors the opportunity to buy a home that needs light to moderate renovations. Money to cover the renovations is set aside in an escrow account and once the work is completed by a licensed contractor the house will be appraised.

Key benefits of Home Path

  • No appraisal needed:
  • No mortgage insurance
  • 3% down on a primary residence
  • 10% down on a investment property
  • Down payment can be funded from your own savings, a gift, a grant, a loan from a nonprofit organization, state or local government, or an employer
  • A borrower can own up to 10 financed properties. If the borrower owns more than 4, a 25% down payment is required
  • 6-9% seller contribution or incentive on a primary residence

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